About EDDBox

EDDBox is a secure online document storage facility to store all your bills, statements, invoices and other electronic documents.

EDDBox provides you with a platform where all your documents can be stored in one place with one password only.

EDDBox is a mobile friendly and can be accessed from any device be it computer, tablet or smartphone; as long as you have access to the internet you can access your documents anytime, anywhere.

EDDBox is powered by EDD, a SAAS Solution developed by ACTNET. www.actnet.co.za


All your important documents online.

EDDBox lets your store all your statements, invoices, bills and all your other financial documents securely online, all in one place with one password.


Supports incoming mails

When you create your EDDBox account you will receive an eddbox.com email address which allows you to send emails directly to your EDDBox account.


EDDBox Folder Rules.

EDDBox allows you to setup rules for your folders. Setting up rules will help EDDBox distinguish which document is associated with which folder and will then automatically place your documents in the correct folders.

Access your EDDBox account from any device.

You can access your EDDBox account from any device with an internet connection anywhere in the world. EDDBox is also mobile friendly which makes accessing your account so much easier.


EDDBox Notifications.

EDDBox will notify you via email, every time a document arrives in your EDDBox account. These documents will include documents sent via email or uploaded manually to your EDDBox account.


No spam or junk mail.

EDDBox will only store the document/attachment received via email. The rest of the email body will be stripped away once the email arrives in your EDDBox account.

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